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So, what’s our problem here? The right like to hear both sides of a discussion and consider their opinion. The Left only want to hear their side of a discussion and close the door on further discussion. So, there lies the problem. Closed mind versus open mind.
The way I was brought up, I was encouraged to listen to the whole narrative. Contemplate, then decide. There was no undue pressure from either side. Of course that was many years ago.
Today our Universities , Colleges and even High Schools try to control our thoughts and I might add they are quite successful.
Speaking of leftists, did you watch the international female soccer match? USA against whoever. The US Team were a disgrace, although the won. They refused to acknowledge the U.S. Flag, said disparaging remarks about the President of the United States, Flaunted their Lesbianism and disgraced themselves and the American public who in fact had paid scarce tax dollars to support them. They were also trounced by a junior Boys team of 15 year old’s prior to the match. Would you say ungrateful? I certainly would.

That’s the way i see it.

Ted Ross



July 6, 2019


A quote from the book, The Wit and Wisdom of John Diefenbaker, published 1982 by Hurtig Publishers.

“We shall never build the Nation which our potential resources make possible by dividing ourselves into Anglophones, Francophone’s, multiculturalphone’s or whatever kind of phoneys you choose. I say, CANADIANS FIRST LAST AND ALWAYS!” John Diefenbaker:

Mr. Diefenbaker was not my favourite PM because of the Avro Arrow cancellation. But one must give him credit for clear rational thought on what it should mean to be a Canadian.

Speaking of Canadian, I have heard that forty four (44) federal MP’s and twelve (12) Senators have dual citizenship. Do you see anything wrong with this? I most certainly do. What if serious hostility were to break out between Canada and one of those countries where these politicians hold citizenship? Would they think and act as Canadian or would they favour the other country?
Look at the Billions of our tax Dollars sent to these foreign lands. Do you suppose that giveaway is influenced by these dudes with dual citizenship?

This is a matter of National Security, yet our Federal Politicians and party leaders remain silent. Are they in it for Canada or for themselves? I used to think that politicians were representatives of the people, I now have to question that. This is serious.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross
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July 4, 2019



There would seem to be confusion in the educational world, Universities, Colleges, High Schools and Grammar Schools. Children are being taught that they are not Boys or Girls. They can choose their gender according to how they feel. Some mentally challenged parents are insisting that their Sons are actually Girls or vice versa. They state that there is no difference between one or the other. These people have placed their wards into a dangerous mental state.
But, there is a difference and it was proclaimed by none other than the “Crash Test Dummies”.
Can you imagine, all the heads of academy’s are totally confused on gender identity yet the engineers who test and determine the safety of today’s vehicles have determined that the safety testing of the past has ignored the difference between male and female bodies.
Ignored to the point that females are 73% less safe in some of the most modern vehicles.

This determination was reached when the engineers realized that there were major differences between the female body and the male body. Something that the educators have somehow missed.

It makes one wonder if our education system is all it is cracked up to be.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross
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July 3, 2019

About National Flag of Canada etiquette

The National Flag of Canada as well as the flags of the provinces and territories are symbols of honour and pride for all Canadians. They should be treated with respect.

The manner in which flags may be displayed in Canada is not governed by any legislation but by established practice. The etiquette outlined in this section is a version of international usage and of customs the federal government has been observing for many years.

The rules applied by the federal government are not mandatory for individuals or organizations; they serve as guidelines for all persons who wish to display the Canadian flag and other flags in Canada.

From the foregoing you would expect the leader of our Federal Government to show respect and honour towards our National Flag.

Well folks, it is quite the opposite. The Prime Minister displayed total disrespect for our Country and our National Flag when he marched in the gay parade holding a desecrated version of the Canadian Flag.

Desecrated means; to divert from a sacred to common use; treat sacrilegiously; profane. The flag in question had one red field removed and replaced by rainbow colours. Total disrespect for Canada. How low can this person go?

He has embarrassed Canada on the World stage, blew relations with China, Blew the Asia Pacific deal. He pledged $241 million to family planning around the World including a $300 million donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and they most certainly are not squeaky clean. This list could go on for ever but my stomach will not take too much more.

It is very difficult to find something positive to say about our Prime Minister but if you look ahead to October things should get better.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross

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July 2, 2019



I read a disturbing story today about a child, probably around 8 years of age who attended a School in the Ottawa Carlton District. His teacher announced to the class that they were not classified as Boys and Girls. The student went home, very disturbed, as he should have been. Spoke to his parents but they didn’t seem to react until after some time passed and the child asked if he could be taken to a Doctor to determine his sexual orientation. That doesn’t say a lot for the parents, but they then went to the School, confronted the Teacher, who confirmed that she was following School policy. The Principal followed by the School Board all repeated the same message.

The Parents have now taken the case to the Human Rights Tribunal and removed their SON from the offending School.

Let us think about this. Is this happening in your child’s School. Do you condone this gender manipulation? I sure as heck don’t and neither should you unless you are a pervert.

You don’t have to believe me, but if you follow the trend it will take you right up to the United Nations who are determined to create a “GLOBAL” government. To achieve this they have to destroy the values of the western world, bring us to our knees, redistribute our wealth to loser countries to even the playing field and then they can dominate us serfs and take complete control.

This sounds like the world before the Magna Carta of 1215. That is what they desire.

For your information. Trudeau will never ever lead us out of this trap, he condones it.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross

506-773-3158 www.tedross.ca

An observation re; Ontario Court ruling regarding Carbon Tax

Obviously the Judges do not understand real science.

From: “Joe Thauberger” <jtberger@myaccess.ca>

Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2019 11:22:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: Additional facts regarding the climate change issue.

Your letter is good but leaves out much factual information.
1.  There is no scientific  evidence whatsoever that co2 causes significant changes in our weather.  NONE ZERO
And here the key word is “significant”.  Nobody denies that co2 might cause minor changes to our weather.
All such  “significant” claims are based ENTIRELY  on supposition and conjecture.
2. Methane comprises ONLY  1.8 parts per million of our atmosphere… and is therefore extremely insignificant.
Again, like co2,  the affects of methane on our air temperatures has NEVER been measured scientifically.
3. You make reference to changes in the earths orbit around the sun … but do not state the present changes.
in fact the earths orbit is now elliptical … not circular.  and varies EVERY YEAR by about 3 million miles. … about  91.5 to 94.5 million miles.
This results in an increase/ decrease in sun’s energy reaching the earth  of an estimated 6% -7%
we are “now”  closest to the sun in Jan and furthest from the sun in July.
4. Water vapor is a green house gas.????
While there does seem to be an element of truth in that statement ….what we see in REAL LIFE is a bit confusing.
When water vapor is high we tend to see cooler temperatures.
The hottest temperatures in summer (coldest in winter) do occur when water vapor is at its lowest levels.
This results because when water vapor is high …. such vapors will absorb some of the suns energy and will prevent some of it from reaching the earth,,,,,hence the resulting cooler temperatures.
Often this water vapor will eventually fall as rain… again bringing more cooling to the temperatures at the surface.
So is it appropriate to call water vapor a greenhouse gas.??
By definition a greenhouse gas will result in an increase in air temperatures…. NEVER  a decrease.
What we observe is an decrease in air temperatures in the summer time ( a negative correlation) … but an increase in air temperatures in the winter time.
These correlations are unmistakable in latitudes above 35 degrees N.
Since I have never lived in the tropics or sub tropics ,  nor have I examined the temp records of tropical locations I cannot speak to the issue of what affects water vapor
has in the tropics.
5.  Other important factors relating to climate change……
Show me a person who believes that co2 causes catastrophic climate change and I will show you someone of colossal incomprehensible ignorance.
Anyone citing forest fires or floods as proof of climate change is proof positive of immense ignorance.
A.  We have no evidence whatsoever that forest fires are greater in recent years than they were a 50 or a hundred years ago.
In fact they were greater 80 years ago because nobody was there to put them out….and they burned until the next BIG rain.
B.   Re flooding.  most of the flooding in N. America  results from farmers trenching their fields and draining their wetlands for the past 60 plus years….and is totally unrelated to climate change.
C.    the world is drowning in surplus grain..  World Soybean stocks are now at record levels.
World wheat stocks reached record levels about a year and a half ago.
Corn and rice stocks are also very high.
You can use the best fertilizers and the best seeds but you will still not get a good crop unless the weather cooperates
And so it has … all over the world.
All the media reports of heat waves and floods are localized events and have not produced any significant decline in world crop production.  NONE.
D… some of the increases in temperatures here and there throughout the world seem to result from the “heat island affect” due to urbanization
E.   All the true believers in the demonization of co2 and its supposed contribution to catastrophic climate change  rely on one single idea more than any scientific data.
That being .. “everybody says so, it must be true”.
You will notice that all the media reports of heat waves never include any hard raw verifiable data.
We are all supposed to accept their “scientifically ” unsupported opinions  as gospel truth.
All their attempts to describe their opinions as scientific is an  unbelievable exercise in self aggrandizement.
We all know that the study of weather and climate is an extremely inexact “science”.
The so called carbon taxes implemented all over the place are one more example of human foolishness and ignorance carried to extremes.

6.      N.B..  The mistaken demonization of co2 serves as and unwelcome distraction diverting us from focusing on our real enemy which is POLLUTION in all of its
many insidiously malignant and pernicious forms.


New English word : Every once in a while somebody hits it
right out of the park…. Not yet found in the Oxford
dictionary, but discovered to be a “coined” new word on
T-shirts sold on eBay: Read slowly, absorb the facts that are
within this definition! It will become widely recognized.
Finally, a brand new English word that describes not only the
present..but our Future.

“INEPTOCRACY; a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of Society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”

Think about this. This is the result of ignoring history, the suppression of free speech and political correctness, to name a few.



Is it just me or is the media ramping up their “unbiased” reporting on climate change? You know what I find interesting? “Scientists”, politicians, and the media are ignoring the history of climate change especially since humans appeared on earth. Changes in our earth’s climate have occurred for millions of years. For the past 200,000 years, there have been catastrophic climate changes – warming and cooling. There’s evidence everywhere! Somehow, homo sapiens have survived but they (we) were never the cause – until now. There are many major forces at work which influence climate – ocean currents, earthquakes (tectonic plate movement), volcanoes, subtle variations of earth’s orbit, subtle “wobbles” of the earth on its axis, solar activity, and more. It’s complex! And yet, current global warming is being attributed by “scientists”, politicians, and the media, to activity by homo sapiens (us). Even worse, people are being brainwashed to believe this to be true.

Political Survey

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Political Survey Questions
Here are 22 question survey no candidate appearing on your doorstep is likely to ask. They fear your answers. Those who wish can return completed surveys to jfeldsted@shaw.ca with the subject line Political Survey.
I will try to compile a summary of answers during the summer if time permits.
Should we abolish the monarchy in Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we change the Citizenship and Immigration Act to prohibit dual citizenship?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we stop the flow of illegal migrants into Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we abolish Human Rights Tribunals and have courts deal with complaints?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we abolish the Senate?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we repeal section 318(2) of the Criminal Code regarding hate speech?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we require that 70% of provinces representing at least 50% of the population agree to the calculation formula for equalization payments?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should laws respecting oil tanker traffic on the west coast apply to all costal areas?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should federal carbon taxes by applied to imported petroleum products?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should our governments be prohibited from contributing to charities?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we continue to provide financial aid to foreign nations and organizations?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we continue to contribute $ billions to the United Nations?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we rescind the Official Languages Act?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we reinstate the death penalty for murder?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we support western provinces if they elect to leave Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we privatize the CBC?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we make the promotion of foreign legal systems unlawful in Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we insist that all immigrants actively assimilate into our society?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we deport residents who have not assimilated within a five year span?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we eliminate deducting union dues from taxable income?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we decertify labour unions who engage in political activity?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we decertify non-profit organizations who receive foreign funding?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No

Present this to the next Politician to visit your home, and insist on answers.


Our Apologetic PM

30 Fenton Street,
E1N 3G3

June 17, 2019


APOLOGY, A statement or explanation expressing regret for some error or offence.

Our Prime Minister has apologized to just about every group or organization in Canada but he has left out the most important of all.
The CANADIAN PUBLIC, those people who work and pay taxes and attempt to keep Canada working as a free Nation. The taxpayers who are being heavily leaned upon by the taxman. Carbon tax, over zealous environmentalists demanding the impossible , zany politicians promising everything for free if you vote for them. Do they really think they sound believable?
Maybe they haven’t heard, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. Someone always has to pay, that is how the system works.

So Mr. Prime Minister, you owe a huge apology to the Citizens of Canada for embarrassing them on the international stage, insulting our closest neighbour, irritating China, halting production of Alberta oil, using our tax dollars to pay for your Nannies, insulting Veterans who saved your sorry ass and wasting our time over the past three years and eight months while you pretended to be a National Leader.

Spew out your election promises, I’ll not be impressed and I have the feeling that most of Canada has finally awakened to your idiocy, so watch the door on your way out.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross www.tedross.ca