April 25, 2019



Do you remember the many promises during the last Federal election? Obviously the Trudeau tribe don’t.

Following is an example regarding judicial appointments.

“All judicial appointments follow our new, open, independent, transparent and merit-based process,” PMO spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon said. “Political activity or donations have no impact on a person’s candidacy or selection for a judicial appointment. Our government has appointed people that have donated or been involved with parties of all political stripes.”

But, “Using information from Elections Canada’s public database of political donations, The Globe has determined that about 25 per cent of the 289 judges appointed or promoted by Mr. Trudeau’s government since 2016 had donated to the Liberal Party of Canada. About 6 per cent donated to the Conservative, New Democratic or Green parties.”

Yep! We can trust the Liberals, about as far as you could toss a Bull.

Hopefully we will have a country to save after the next Federal Election. IF people remember the shambles and shame of the last three and a half years when they vote.

That’s the way I see it.


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