Finally. a Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure with some common sense!  The Route 11 bypass is history. The Alward and Gallant governments were obsessed with wasting millions of dollars on an unnecessary bypass. Traffic safety was the concern and a third lane from the Napan Bridge to the Irving Convenience would quite simply solve the problem.

As long as there are distracted/stupid Drivers there will always be accidents no matter how great the highway.

Regarding the upset Mayor from Kent County. He must realize, money doesn’t grow on trees despite what the planners for the Acadian games think.

New Brunswick is nearly bankrupt. The PC Government has difficult choices to make and be thankful they have the courage to make them. The alternative would be disastrous.

That’s the way I see it.


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We will be forced to accept immigrants

For those of you who need a reason to vote the Federal Liberals out of office in 2019 you have been handed a truckload.

  1. Fiscal irresponsibility.
  2. International disgrace. Mr. Dressup!
  3. Budget will balance itself.
  4. Disastrous energy flip flop.
  5. Practically destroyed Canada U.S. Relationship.
  6. Cost of vegetables expected to rise because growers are looking at weed as their cash cow thanks to legalization of marijuana. Of course a doped up Nation might ignore the liberal disaster until they can’t afford the weed.
  7. The one ultra disastrous move, your gold plated reason to dump the Liberals, to make them history is; Trudeau is planning to sign the United Nations Compact on Immigration.

Do you realize what this is? When this is signed, The Nation of Canada will cease to exist. Why, you ask? The United Nations will decide the number of immigrants we will be FORCED to accept, they will decide from what Country they will originate. The U.N will be in a position to destroy Canada, turn us into a third world country and prepare the country for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

Have you heard of BREXIT? The European Union (EU) is a mini World Government or Global Government. Great Britain is on the precipice of becoming a non Nation, if they fail to exit the EU they will become mere puppets with no control over their Country. That is what Mr. Trudeau has planned for our Nation, CANADA.

So. Who do you vote for in the next federal election? Follow Gram paws wisdom or think for yourself and the future of your children and grandchildren.

That’s the way I see it.

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