A Mad, Mad World


July 19, 2019



I just read that Berkeley Ca. City management are going gender neutral. Example; Manhole Covers are now going to be Maintenance Covers. Man made will be changed to Manufactured.
All gendered words are to be changed. Isn’t that just soooooooooo quaint!
The taxpayers may get lucky and have the big earthquake strike before the bill comes due.

We are not so smart on this side of the border either. The morning news stated that Halifax has allotted ten days. to the gay parade. That is more time than we allot to Christmas or Easter, of course those are Christian days so they obviously don’t count.
I recall many years ago when the queers decided they should be called gay. I had friends whose surname was Gay, I also was acquainted with people with that as a first name. Those people became recluses as they were ashamed to be introduced in public, consequently abandoned their public life. How times have changed.

Kudos to the two Anglican Bishops who stood for Christianity and Christian Values at their recent AGM. But it is disappointing that there were only two.

We are not only lacking leadership in Government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal but in our places of worship. Everyone is playing to the feminist view. No winners as it might hurt someone’s feelings to lose. Why bother playing the game if you can’t win. Oh but you will, everyone gets a Trophy. A lot of value and feeling of accomplishment in that. The old ways were certainly better. You had to work to win. That taught valuable life lessons.

Our Country and way of life will be lost if things continue down this losers path. It is time for real old fashioned LEADERSHIP. Step up Leaders, you are desperately needed.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross
773-3158 www.tedross.ca

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