An observation re; Ontario Court ruling regarding Carbon Tax

Obviously the Judges do not understand real science.

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Subject: Fwd: Additional facts regarding the climate change issue.

Your letter is good but leaves out much factual information.
1.  There is no scientific  evidence whatsoever that co2 causes significant changes in our weather.  NONE ZERO
And here the key word is “significant”.  Nobody denies that co2 might cause minor changes to our weather.
All such  “significant” claims are based ENTIRELY  on supposition and conjecture.
2. Methane comprises ONLY  1.8 parts per million of our atmosphere… and is therefore extremely insignificant.
Again, like co2,  the affects of methane on our air temperatures has NEVER been measured scientifically.
3. You make reference to changes in the earths orbit around the sun … but do not state the present changes.
in fact the earths orbit is now elliptical … not circular.  and varies EVERY YEAR by about 3 million miles. … about  91.5 to 94.5 million miles.
This results in an increase/ decrease in sun’s energy reaching the earth  of an estimated 6% -7%
we are “now”  closest to the sun in Jan and furthest from the sun in July.
4. Water vapor is a green house gas.????
While there does seem to be an element of truth in that statement ….what we see in REAL LIFE is a bit confusing.
When water vapor is high we tend to see cooler temperatures.
The hottest temperatures in summer (coldest in winter) do occur when water vapor is at its lowest levels.
This results because when water vapor is high …. such vapors will absorb some of the suns energy and will prevent some of it from reaching the earth,,,,,hence the resulting cooler temperatures.
Often this water vapor will eventually fall as rain… again bringing more cooling to the temperatures at the surface.
So is it appropriate to call water vapor a greenhouse gas.??
By definition a greenhouse gas will result in an increase in air temperatures…. NEVER  a decrease.
What we observe is an decrease in air temperatures in the summer time ( a negative correlation) … but an increase in air temperatures in the winter time.
These correlations are unmistakable in latitudes above 35 degrees N.
Since I have never lived in the tropics or sub tropics ,  nor have I examined the temp records of tropical locations I cannot speak to the issue of what affects water vapor
has in the tropics.
5.  Other important factors relating to climate change……
Show me a person who believes that co2 causes catastrophic climate change and I will show you someone of colossal incomprehensible ignorance.
Anyone citing forest fires or floods as proof of climate change is proof positive of immense ignorance.
A.  We have no evidence whatsoever that forest fires are greater in recent years than they were a 50 or a hundred years ago.
In fact they were greater 80 years ago because nobody was there to put them out….and they burned until the next BIG rain.
B.   Re flooding.  most of the flooding in N. America  results from farmers trenching their fields and draining their wetlands for the past 60 plus years….and is totally unrelated to climate change.
C.    the world is drowning in surplus grain..  World Soybean stocks are now at record levels.
World wheat stocks reached record levels about a year and a half ago.
Corn and rice stocks are also very high.
You can use the best fertilizers and the best seeds but you will still not get a good crop unless the weather cooperates
And so it has … all over the world.
All the media reports of heat waves and floods are localized events and have not produced any significant decline in world crop production.  NONE.
D… some of the increases in temperatures here and there throughout the world seem to result from the “heat island affect” due to urbanization
E.   All the true believers in the demonization of co2 and its supposed contribution to catastrophic climate change  rely on one single idea more than any scientific data.
That being .. “everybody says so, it must be true”.
You will notice that all the media reports of heat waves never include any hard raw verifiable data.
We are all supposed to accept their “scientifically ” unsupported opinions  as gospel truth.
All their attempts to describe their opinions as scientific is an  unbelievable exercise in self aggrandizement.
We all know that the study of weather and climate is an extremely inexact “science”.
The so called carbon taxes implemented all over the place are one more example of human foolishness and ignorance carried to extremes.

6.      N.B..  The mistaken demonization of co2 serves as and unwelcome distraction diverting us from focusing on our real enemy which is POLLUTION in all of its
many insidiously malignant and pernicious forms.

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  1. Unfortunately the few outweigh the many in this debate. Many people take the time to look at real data, others choose to believe what is being fed to us through big social media and televised media. Temperatures will be higher where more humans gather more heat gathering asphalt and concrete are placed. More human activity. The single biggest contributor to global atmospheric temperature in the 20th century, was mass industrialization that resulted in city building, in my opinion. Along with that came greed and War, Nuclear testing locally affected atmospheric temperatures, eliminating water vapour from the blast radius. CO2 is plant food, that through synthesis allows the production of Oxygen, and promotes life. If they had of targeted CO, they would have an easier time convincing me that humans affect climate globally. Locally yes. Globally we are still no where near affecting temperatures as much as the Sun.

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