Abortion, the Human Cost

January 1, 2019


What would you expect to find in forty two million people. I would think Professionals, Doctors, Specialists, Scientists, Politicians, Lawyers, Pizza makers, Bakers, Nurses, Special care workers, Mechanics, Computer geeks and specialists, Business owners, Construction workers, Thieves, Beggars, Charlatans, Drug pushers and drug users. The list can go on forever.

Well for 42 Million Americans…………NOTHING.

That is the number of Aborted Babies in the United States of America in 2018. Some aborted in the early stages of pregnancy, others murdered at birth. How can we call ourselves a civilized society with these kinds of statistics.

Oh I hear you bleeding hearts, and I admit there are some legitimate cases for abortion but things have gone too far when Saturday night fun can be turned into legalized murder.

These numbers are from the USA but what about Canada. If the numbers were known for Canada I am sure they would be just as gruesome.

Canada disgraced itself by awarding the “Order of Canada” to Morgenthaler who called himself a Doctor. How many brilliant children did he dispose of? The Nazis were deemed the scum of civilization for similar acts. When did we become so UNCIVILIZED?

That’s the way i see it.



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Hypocritical Protesters


January 8, 2019

HYPOCRISY; The Pretense of having Feelings or Characteristics one does not possess: The Deceitful assumption of Virtue.

HYPOCRITE; One who practices Hypocrisy.

I have been following the Pipeline protests in British Columbia and elsewhere. It raises questions about the credibility and sincerity of those involved. I had the same feeling when the protests were played out in Rexton, N.B., regarding the search for Natural Gas.

Petroleum products are very much tied into every aspect of our lives. Even the protesters own and drive vehicles, heat their homes, wear clothing, use tools and utensils, furnish their homes , text or phone their friends with products that are directly or indirectly tied into petroleum or bye products of it.

Beside that, a good number of the protesters are living on government money (I’ll correct that as it is our tax dollars). A good portion of the wealth of the Country is created by selling our petroleum products, either internally or to overseas and foreign markets.

Do you remember what your Grandma used to say when you became unruly? “You are cutting off your nose to spite your face!” Someday these protesters are going to have to face the facts.

Another puzzling thing is, why are the protest leaders being funded by Foreign entities: ie; the Tides Foundation (USA), there are many others whose names escape me at the moment but if need be I can produce them.

So back to the top. HYPOCRISY; HYPOCRITE. Do you see what I’m getting at?

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross


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January 10, 2019



The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) so far, has been given $70,000,000.00 (Seventy Million Dollars) to deal with the costs of illegals entering Canada. Thanks TRUDEAU!! The Agency estimate it will require twice as much to tackle a major backlog in asylum claims, caused in part by an influx of illegal migrants. Documents obtained under the access to information law show the IRB drafted costing estimates in November 2017 showing it would need $140,000,000.00 (One hundred and forty million dollars) annually plus an additional $40,000,000.00 (Forty Million Dollars) in one time costs to finalize 36,000 extra refugee cases every year.

If Canada continues to follow the “Open Borders” policy of the Federal Liberals where will it end?

The Conservatives have been demonized for alerting Canadians of this crisis, yet those actually dealing with this major issue are saying. “It’s a crisis”.

The Trudeau Liberals have bent the truth on many occasions and this is no exception so what do we, the financiers of this blatant deception do?

I would suggest that you be very particular when offered the opportunity to once again VOTE.

Don’t listen to Uncle Jack, be your own person, make a decision based upon facts, vote your own conscience.


Ted Ross


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January 12. 2019



The Citizens of a country can only support and withstand so much. There is always a breaking point.

Look at France today. Although unreported by our meek and controlled media. France is at the point of complete rebellion. Macron, the supposed leader has failed, even his security forces sympathize with the “Yellow Vests” .The citizens who finally rebelled at the inept government policies of Macron. Major centers in France are under siege. Toulouse., Paris, Strasbourg, to mention a few. The meek and mild of France have finally had enough

If the Government think they are untouchable,if they believe they can act with absolute impunity then they are massively mistaken. The power has always been with the people,but only when they take collective action to force a change.

It might be wise for the Prime minister of Canada to take a sober look at what is transpiring in France. After all, Loyal citizens will only put up with so much..

That’s the way I see it.


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Warning to Ontario

Premier Ford, Minister Mulroney
As a Maritimer from New Brunswick I have no say in the administration of your Province. I do not wish to interfere.
My purpose in contacting you is to make you aware of the pitfalls of bowing to the demands of the French community.
New Brunswick declared itself to be Bilingual many years ago. The original intent was to create a fair and level playing field for both linguistic groups. I have no problem with that whatsoever.
At the time the divide was approximately 30/70 %. French immersion schools were established, N.B would become a Bilingual Province.
Fifty years later, New Brunswick is as divided on language as it had ever been. Students who have dedicated themselves to the french immersion program remain unqualified to meet the stringent demands. French speakers who have great difficulty with the English language are immediately qualified as bilingual. Is there bias? Most certainly. But, after fifty years of a failed program, the French are now in charge. Do I need to explain where we stand today?

Bilingualism is not a solution, it is a disease that if allowed to spread will destroy your Province as it has New Brunswick.

I am not a citizen of Ontario, I do not wish to interfere, I do applaud you on your electoral victory. You have saved Ontario from a dire fate. I applaud you on your electoral success.

I trust you will consider all pitfalls as your assess the demands confronting you.

Ted Ross

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Finally. a Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure with some common sense!  The Route 11 bypass is history. The Alward and Gallant governments were obsessed with wasting millions of dollars on an unnecessary bypass. Traffic safety was the concern and a third lane from the Napan Bridge to the Irving Convenience would quite simply solve the problem.

As long as there are distracted/stupid Drivers there will always be accidents no matter how great the highway.

Regarding the upset Mayor from Kent County. He must realize, money doesn’t grow on trees despite what the planners for the Acadian games think.

New Brunswick is nearly bankrupt. The PC Government has difficult choices to make and be thankful they have the courage to make them. The alternative would be disastrous.

That’s the way I see it.


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We will be forced to accept immigrants

For those of you who need a reason to vote the Federal Liberals out of office in 2019 you have been handed a truckload.

  1. Fiscal irresponsibility.
  2. International disgrace. Mr. Dressup!
  3. Budget will balance itself.
  4. Disastrous energy flip flop.
  5. Practically destroyed Canada U.S. Relationship.
  6. Cost of vegetables expected to rise because growers are looking at weed as their cash cow thanks to legalization of marijuana. Of course a doped up Nation might ignore the liberal disaster until they can’t afford the weed.
  7. The one ultra disastrous move, your gold plated reason to dump the Liberals, to make them history is; Trudeau is planning to sign the United Nations Compact on Immigration.

Do you realize what this is? When this is signed, The Nation of Canada will cease to exist. Why, you ask? The United Nations will decide the number of immigrants we will be FORCED to accept, they will decide from what Country they will originate. The U.N will be in a position to destroy Canada, turn us into a third world country and prepare the country for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

Have you heard of BREXIT? The European Union (EU) is a mini World Government or Global Government. Great Britain is on the precipice of becoming a non Nation, if they fail to exit the EU they will become mere puppets with no control over their Country. That is what Mr. Trudeau has planned for our Nation, CANADA.

So. Who do you vote for in the next federal election? Follow Gram paws wisdom or think for yourself and the future of your children and grandchildren.

That’s the way I see it.

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