July 6, 2019


A quote from the book, The Wit and Wisdom of John Diefenbaker, published 1982 by Hurtig Publishers.

“We shall never build the Nation which our potential resources make possible by dividing ourselves into Anglophones, Francophone’s, multiculturalphone’s or whatever kind of phoneys you choose. I say, CANADIANS FIRST LAST AND ALWAYS!” John Diefenbaker:

Mr. Diefenbaker was not my favourite PM because of the Avro Arrow cancellation. But one must give him credit for clear rational thought on what it should mean to be a Canadian.

Speaking of Canadian, I have heard that forty four (44) federal MP’s and twelve (12) Senators have dual citizenship. Do you see anything wrong with this? I most certainly do. What if serious hostility were to break out between Canada and one of those countries where these politicians hold citizenship? Would they think and act as Canadian or would they favour the other country?
Look at the Billions of our tax Dollars sent to these foreign lands. Do you suppose that giveaway is influenced by these dudes with dual citizenship?

This is a matter of National Security, yet our Federal Politicians and party leaders remain silent. Are they in it for Canada or for themselves? I used to think that politicians were representatives of the people, I now have to question that. This is serious.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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