Climate Change and Immigration


April 3, 2019

Help me sort this out, please.
Ms, McKenna, AKA Climate Barbie states that we Canadians are having too many children, thereby causing a climate crisis by over populating our Country.
PM Trudeau is welcoming literally hundreds of thousands of immigrants and ignoring the illegal migrants that are flooding our Nation.

So? What is the plan? What is going on? Does the Left Hand know what the Right hand is doing?
I really don’t think so.

Since the SNC Lavalin revelations Trudeau and gang have been working like the proverbial Cat covering, you know what, on a tin roof. The latest diversion is the news that Canada is warming faster than any country in the World. Wow! Another Canadian record. Only in Canada, Eh!
Would that account for our stormy blustery day today? Guess they will blame that on Stephen Harper.

One day Justin Trudeau and his Father will have to accept full responsibility for the gradual destruction of a once great Nation, the DOMINION of CANADA.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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