Deceit and Deceptin


April 17, 2019

The Federal Liberal Government are caught up in a scandal. A scandal of great significance. Somewhat similar to the Chretien scandal, Ad Scam !! Will they survive? That depends on the gullibility of the Canadian public. Just how gullible are these folks. Do they like being lied to? Is a deceitful government their first choice? Can a deceptive government really be trusted to keep their many promises? These are obvious questions that we should all ask and demand answers to before we mark our ballot.

Here is one that I find hard to comprehend. A diversionary news story , probably paid for by $845,000,000.00 given to cooperative news agency’s( Eight hundred and forty five Million Dollars of our tax money) obviously originating from the PMO, stated that Canada is warming twice as fast as any other country in the World. I, in my lifetime have been fed a lot of B S but this is just too much. The irony of this is that, Educated, adults are spewing this hogwash to the public and expect the gullible to believe.

The Liberals have dug a hole and I for one will not supply a way out. They deserve to be mired in the muck they have created.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross
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