July 4, 2019



There would seem to be confusion in the educational world, Universities, Colleges, High Schools and Grammar Schools. Children are being taught that they are not Boys or Girls. They can choose their gender according to how they feel. Some mentally challenged parents are insisting that their Sons are actually Girls or vice versa. They state that there is no difference between one or the other. These people have placed their wards into a dangerous mental state.
But, there is a difference and it was proclaimed by none other than the “Crash Test Dummies”.
Can you imagine, all the heads of academy’s are totally confused on gender identity yet the engineers who test and determine the safety of today’s vehicles have determined that the safety testing of the past has ignored the difference between male and female bodies.
Ignored to the point that females are 73% less safe in some of the most modern vehicles.

This determination was reached when the engineers realized that there were major differences between the female body and the male body. Something that the educators have somehow missed.

It makes one wonder if our education system is all it is cracked up to be.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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