Once you get past the Alarmists, what do we have?
In my experience in life, and I have a bit, I find the scenario exaggerated to the extreme and an abundance of fraudulent information being passed off as gospel.
In 1949 in N.B. I recall temps in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. You could flip a coin edgewise at the pavement and it would stick and stand on edge. In 1950, in N.B. We had a flood on the Nashwaak River. It took topsoil off fertile fields. Swept the rail-bed out on the Gibson line . My Father and I worked a sixteen hour day with a repair crew for $16.00 , big pay at the time, although the preservative on the rail ties ate my new jeans, I still ended up with a dollar or two.
In 1956 I was based in France with the RCAF. They had a snow storm, which the natives found unusual and confusing , specially to the drivers. It was unusual but acceptable. In 1960 to 62, Cold Lake Alberta -60 degrees was not unusual in winter for a week or so. I went to Germany in 1962 and the Rhine River froze solid for the first time in over seventy five years. Then the following summer was quite normal.
In March 1967 while based in Chatham N.B. We had a major snow storm. I recall, on King Street you couldn’t see the hydro wires because of the depth of snow.
In 1975 I was posted to Scotland. In the winter the sun rises at 9.30 and sets at 3.30 but while I was there they had one of the coldest winters on record followed by one of the hottest summers. So hot that some of the Scots actually removed their Harris Tweed Jackets!
I guess my point is, Climate change is normal, it has been happening for centuries. The alarmists at the UN inspired by Al Gore ,Maurice Strong and David Suzuki are full of, you know what. But they did a marvellous sales job on the United Nations and dupes like Trudeau and McKenna our climate specialist(?) I look at these two and ask, really, is this the sperm that won?

I guess that is why I view the Carbon Tax as nothing more than a Tax Grab by desperate politicians trying to cover their ineptitude while siphoning more money out of our pockets.

If Andrew Scheer would step out of his glass house and make a bold statement on anything of substance, he should win a majority in October.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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