Miramichi, N.B.,

July 18. 2019



Most Movies produced today are basically garbage. Once in awhile a good one comes out, but most really don’t pass the reality test. Personally I quit going to Theatres many years ago. I may be a prude but I really don’t appreciate foul language, explicit sex and queers parading publicly as if they were normal.

If that isn’t enough then mayhem, murder, total disrespect for common decency seems to be the theme. The Actors and Actresses (yes, I still call females actresses) have become so biased, left wing activists that they come across as ridiculous and unworthy of the ratings bestowed upon them. Our news outlets waste usable news time to report on these miscreants. Really, is there no National news to report on?

Is there controversy? Yes. A movie titled “Unplanned” has got the feminist’s all upset because of their left wing views they fear that the other side of the story might get out and people would get the chance to see both sides and make a balanced decision. A decision that effects the future of our Country.
For those who don’t know, males and females were created for a reason. In spite of the thinking of some, procreation was designed to enhance and sustain the growth of our species. I actually participated, and raised children. I can’t fathom why this practice is so demonized today.

Our declared feminist Prime Minister has to share some of the blame for the demeaning attitude towards those of us who wish to live a normal life. If the polls are correct, he won’t be bothering us much longer.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross
. www.tedross.ca

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