Have you heard of the Human Rights Commissions? They sound very much like the Kangaroo Courts that we had in the Military. Guilty until proven innocent.
The thing is with these Commissions, you go to Court on your Dollar. The Complainant gets a free ride.
There are many stories of successful Businesses being bankrupted because of some pervert filing a complaint because the business wouldn’t make a Wedding Cake for a queer union or the last I heard of was a Transgender (Male) who wanted a Manzillion wax job. This is foreign to me but he(It) wanted a wax job to remove the hair around her/his testicles. It(he) went to the wrong person as I would have removed all traces of gender.
The sad part of this is. There were a number of complaints all by the same individual against 15 or more female operated businesses who performed waxing on female clients only. Several of these businesses have closed because of this harassment.
When Stephen Harper was Prime Minister and we had a reasonable government, not perfect, but reasonable, section 13 of the Criminal code was removed. That put a halt to this stupidity. As soon as Mr Dressup became PM he reversed the legislation an now we are back to this biased unjust system of so called justice.

Can somebody tell me why, normal people are always under attack by abnormal people and why do these so called Courts always favour the abnormal people?

If Canada had a real viable Justice System, all cases of this kind would be handled by real Judges who supposedly understand law.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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