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August 15, 2019



Impeach; (1)To charge(a high public official) before a legally constituted tribunal with crime or misdemeanour in office. 2. to challenge or bring discredit upon the honesty or validity of.
That is the definition in my dictionary. Does yours differ? Saying I’m sorry and apologizing just doesn’t cut it anymore. I taught my children as I was taught. If you speak the truth you will never have to remember what you said. Simple and easy.

Obviously our present Prime Minister was never taught the basics.

It seems he falls short on ethics in many areas. Do you honestly think he is the right person to be leading this Country? I have had doubts from the start and nothing has transpired in the past few years to allay those doubts. Why do we have to wait for an election to rid ourselves of this dishonest, shameless, lying, liberal. Surely there are members of the Liberal Party who have more credibility, common sense and honesty.
Is he so threatening that good people are afraid to come forward? His actions scare me but his persona does not, not for a minute.

Regarding his insistence he was saving jobs in Quebec by overlooking the dishonesty of SNC Lavalin. What about the 44,000 jobs that his ineptness caused in Alberta. The employees at SNC would probably have been picked up by honest Companies quite capable of continuing those projects, but the Alberta jobs ceased to exist because of his bias.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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