June, 13, 2019


The Future of CANADA

I’ve finally realized what Canada so desperately needs. Like you, I’m sure, we’ve searched high and low, as individuals, attempting to identify what is so desperately lacking in our once great Dominion. Through long discussions with mutual friends from across the land, the one vital item we have identified that this Country requires to survive and to reach its full potential is good old fashioned LEADERSHIP !

We have had many self identified Leaders but no true dedicated leader to take charge of Canada.
Someone who will put Canada first in all things. Someone who will stand firm against the manipulators, the professional beggars, the leeches who want it all. You may think I’m advocating for a dictator, nothing could be farther from the truth. A good friend suggested a round table where all are equal rather than a board room table where the top dog holds the gavel. I believe he is on to something, but the bottom line is Leadership.

We have had more waffling than a pancake house. Enough, we need a leader who sees all Provinces and Territories as equals and those that won’t abide by that need to be brought in line, not pampered, as we so frequently see.
It is impossible to appease everyone yet that is the normal practice in this leaderless Country.
Appeasement does not work, it just creates another mismanaged mess.

With October approaching, our top priority should be, “IDENTIFY A LEADER” and support him/her to victory.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross www.tedross.ca


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2 Replies to “LEADERSHIP”

  1. Well said. I have often said that we need to throw out all the legislation and bureaucracy in our system, constitution, and replace it with ” Alll citizens of “Canada” will be treated with equal dignity when dealing with all levels of government and private enterprise in Canada, and while abroad the same will apply”. Then, I would change the laws in such a way that you could freely work, live, speaking EITHER official language, your choice. That there would be no taxpayer funding involved in what language you chose to speak language would not be a roadblock to work. . Hiring would be based on merit and your ability to work there. The First Nations would be asked if they wished to join us as Citizens. In every respect. They could keep the land they have now BUT , it would be divided in such a way that each band member family would have a land grant and house on their Reserve, then reserves would be dismantled and become municipalities. They would be welcomed as equals, Canadians. Immigration would be examined. Population reduction would no longer be a curriculum item in any school district. A statement of Canadian identity and Culture would be decided upon by a committee. No.puic servants would be allowed to say Canada does not have a Culture or unique Identity.

    1. Carl. you need to get totally involved in Politics. Our Country needs “Free Thinkers” There are too many takers there at the moment. Just be careful that you don’t get involved with a movement that deems the leader the only voice of sanity. Consensus should be the rule. It takes three to make a sound decision.

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