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So, what’s our problem here? The right like to hear both sides of a discussion and consider their opinion. The Left only want to hear their side of a discussion and close the door on further discussion. So, there lies the problem. Closed mind versus open mind.
The way I was brought up, I was encouraged to listen to the whole narrative. Contemplate, then decide. There was no undue pressure from either side. Of course that was many years ago.
Today our Universities , Colleges and even High Schools try to control our thoughts and I might add they are quite successful.
Speaking of leftists, did you watch the international female soccer match? USA against whoever. The US Team were a disgrace, although the won. They refused to acknowledge the U.S. Flag, said disparaging remarks about the President of the United States, Flaunted their Lesbianism and disgraced themselves and the American public who in fact had paid scarce tax dollars to support them. They were also trounced by a junior Boys team of 15 year old’s prior to the match. Would you say ungrateful? I certainly would.

That’s the way i see it.

Ted Ross

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