More corruption by the Federal Liberals

.An Article from the “National Citizens Coalition”

Trudeau really isn’t big on that whole “democracy” thing.

The news just broke that his Liberals have triggered the “lectoral urgency clause.”

What does that mean?

It’s a remarkable “basic dictatorship” move meant to fast-track 100+ candidates without due process, in time for an election date only Trudeau knows but won’t share.

This is how they’re trying to win re-election. Not by running on their record (because they can’t), or by listening to Canadians (because they won’t).

They were 103 candidates short — due in large part to their disastrous four years at the helm, and Trudeau’s ethically-bankrupt PMO. Now, they’re doubling down on that lack of ethics, trying to sneak under-qualified representatives in at the buzzer, who, if elected, will only be there to support the whims of a PM, his puppet-master PMO, and the rest of the Laurentian elite.

We can’t let that happen.

We’re reaching close to a million Canadians a month on your behalf, with our views and engagements leaving million-dollar, foreign-funded, pro-Trudeau groups in the dust.

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