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May 1, 2019

The Editor

I have just read a list that explains where our tax dollars go. It is fascinating.
Our Federal government pledged $400 Million to Education, around the World plus another $180 Million to the Global partnership for Education in Europe. These pledges by the way are being made by our PM.
Pledged $241 Million to Family planning around the World plus a $300 Million donation to the Clinton Foundation. (He would get more bang for the buck if that one went to the Mafia)
He pledged $2.65 Billion to Climate Change at the Commonwealth Leaders Summit.
He pledged $300 Million to Rohingya Refugee crisis. Each Border hopping illegal costs taxpayers $40,000.00 the moment the RCMP carry their bags into Canada for them.
He pledged $125 Million to Caribbean Reconstruction, $650 Million to sexual and reproductive health in Haiti, Africa and the middle east.
$50 Million for Flood Relief in Palestine. What about the poor flood victims on the Saint John River? Oh, they are Canadian Taxpayers, they can fend for themselves.
He pledged $840 million to Syria for Humanitarian Assistance when Native Reserves in Canada are crying for at least, clean water.
This one makes me gag. $10.5 Million to a convicted terrorist plus $30.8 Million for three other dudes who say they were wrongfully detained in Countries they fled to in the first place.
Also $4.5 Billion on a pipeline that the Courts ruled must be shut down.
I forget what it cost to buy the Australian worn out F-18 Aircraft to replace our worn out F-18’s.
Oh, and do you remember the $8 Million dollar skating rink?
He brags that he got India to invest $250 Million in Canada, but Canada had to invest $750 Million in India first.

It is my opinion that Prime Minister Trudeau would be the last person you would take to an Auction. At my age I should savour every minute, every Day but I really can’t wait for the October Federal Election.

Don’t forget to put your Carbon Tax rebate aside, it might buy you Bread and eggs for a couple months.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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