Political Survey

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Political Survey Questions
Here are 22 question survey no candidate appearing on your doorstep is likely to ask. They fear your answers. Those who wish can return completed surveys to jfeldsted@shaw.ca with the subject line Political Survey.
I will try to compile a summary of answers during the summer if time permits.
Should we abolish the monarchy in Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we change the Citizenship and Immigration Act to prohibit dual citizenship?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we stop the flow of illegal migrants into Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we abolish Human Rights Tribunals and have courts deal with complaints?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we abolish the Senate?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we repeal section 318(2) of the Criminal Code regarding hate speech?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we require that 70% of provinces representing at least 50% of the population agree to the calculation formula for equalization payments?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should laws respecting oil tanker traffic on the west coast apply to all costal areas?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should federal carbon taxes by applied to imported petroleum products?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should our governments be prohibited from contributing to charities?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we continue to provide financial aid to foreign nations and organizations?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we continue to contribute $ billions to the United Nations?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we rescind the Official Languages Act?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we reinstate the death penalty for murder?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we support western provinces if they elect to leave Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we privatize the CBC?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we make the promotion of foreign legal systems unlawful in Canada?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we insist that all immigrants actively assimilate into our society?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we deport residents who have not assimilated within a five year span?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we eliminate deducting union dues from taxable income?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we decertify labour unions who engage in political activity?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No
Should we decertify non-profit organizations who receive foreign funding?  ☐ Yes    ☐ No

Present this to the next Politician to visit your home, and insist on answers.


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