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Pushing LGBT Celebration on Cadets is Wrong
I am very disturbed to learn that the Blackdown Cadet Training Centre held its first ever Gay Pride Week culminating in a Gay Pride Flag-Raising Ceremony and March on August 1st.
Thousands of cadets aged 12 to 18 travel from all across Canada to Blackdown expecting to experience some exciting and challenging summer camp activities. Little would they anticipate that they would be thrust into the middle of a questionable and controversial “Pride Week” celebration! Parents were not even apprised of this.
According to the BlackDown Cadets Facebook page, this celebration was held as an anti-bullying initiative.
It is laudable that the Cadet leadership would want to help prevent bullying and instill courtesy and respect in our young people. But bullying happens to more than just homosexuals and transgenders. Many Christians experience hatred and bullying, especially in our present political climate. Jews have experienced much prejudice through the centuries. Blacks have been discriminated against in the recent past. Those with Down Syndrome face enormous prejudice in society today.
But I do not see the Christian flag being raised – or the Jewish, black, or Down’s flag. Just the LGBT pride rainbow flag.
There is no “Christian Week” or “Down’s Week”, just LGBT “Pride Week”!
What does this have to do with training our young people in our national army, air, and sea cadet programmes? How does this help raise up the next generation of soldiers, airmen, and seamen to dedicate their lives to the protection of our Dominion? This seems more like an exercise in political indoctrination.
That indoctrination, I fear, only serves to alienate and stigmatize those who hold to traditional values and/or who refuse to participate because of their religious or personal beliefs.
The rainbow flag represents one particular, minority perspective on sexuality and sexual rights. It is a political symbol that does not represent all perspectives and all people. In fact, it excludes many groups of people, which I would think undermines the whole point of any anti-bullying initiative.
The Canadian flag alone represents everyone, and that is the banner that our youth (and all of us) need to come together under.
I am asking that you not subject Canada’s youth to the LGBT agenda again, and that you would keep politics out of an otherwise valuable cadet programme.
Ted Ross

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