I just found an interesting article from way back when news outlets actually reported the news.

Pierre E Trudeau 1969 to 1978 / 1980 to 1983
Mr. Trudeau inherited a good situation including a balanced budget and proceeded to make it worse. (A disaster)He accumulated one deficit after another and ran up the federal debt by more than 1000%. By his final term in office, inflation, interest rates and the deficit were out of control. The deficit of $38 Billion in his final year in office represented 8.7% of gross domestic product. He alienated Western Canada and infuriated foreign investors. The long run consequences — run away inflation, a free falling dollar, sky high interest rates and worsening unemployment and a Liberal packed Senate, all presented Brian Mulroney with serious, practically unmanageable structural problems.

Along comes 2015 and guess what. The same ruthless, careless mismanagement of our Country and the economy. Shattered foreign relations, Throwing our tax dollars around the world. Attempting to play the BIG Game with the IQ of a Kindergarten student.

It is really unfortunate that our “News outlets” have chosen this era to forget the importance of reporting the truth, accurately and without bias.

It may take years to erase the stigma and stench of the Trudeau eras from our History as a Nation but if I know Canadians, it will happen.

That’s the way I see it.

Ted Ross

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