July 3, 2019

About National Flag of Canada etiquette

The National Flag of Canada as well as the flags of the provinces and territories are symbols of honour and pride for all Canadians. They should be treated with respect.

The manner in which flags may be displayed in Canada is not governed by any legislation but by established practice. The etiquette outlined in this section is a version of international usage and of customs the federal government has been observing for many years.

The rules applied by the federal government are not mandatory for individuals or organizations; they serve as guidelines for all persons who wish to display the Canadian flag and other flags in Canada.

From the foregoing you would expect the leader of our Federal Government to show respect and honour towards our National Flag.

Well folks, it is quite the opposite. The Prime Minister displayed total disrespect for our Country and our National Flag when he marched in the gay parade holding a desecrated version of the Canadian Flag.

Desecrated means; to divert from a sacred to common use; treat sacrilegiously; profane. The flag in question had one red field removed and replaced by rainbow colours. Total disrespect for Canada. How low can this person go?

He has embarrassed Canada on the World stage, blew relations with China, Blew the Asia Pacific deal. He pledged $241 million to family planning around the World including a $300 million donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and they most certainly are not squeaky clean. This list could go on for ever but my stomach will not take too much more.

It is very difficult to find something positive to say about our Prime Minister but if you look ahead to October things should get better.

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross


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